Creating from a place of abundance

I have been writing 1000 words a day since the start of February, for this and my other blog, as well as sometimes client work or other creative projects.

It has definitely proven to me that the more you write the more you write. I believe I have mentioned this in the past. I write everyday, except Sundays, where I try to have a complete break from all things work related.

I write in Evernote*, in my daily writings file.

The aim of the 1000 words is just to write, no editing allowed during that time at all. All of my work gets copied and pasted into the relevant WIP folder to be edited at a later date – the next day or even later, never on the same day. Some gets put into client folders and some into Scrivener if I am working on a large project.

Not everything I write gets shared, sometimes it ends up in my ‘not used’ folder and languishes there until I find a use for it, or sometimes don’t.

What this is creating is a lot of blog posts that I think are useful. There is a shouting part of me that says I should keep these and eke them out over time so that I have a hoard of posts to share for the foreseeable future.

There is a problem with this though. It is creating from a scarcity mentality, that I will run out of ideas and I need to prepare against this. I am trying my best not to end up in this mindset, as I believe it stifles our creativity. I capture all of my ideas and honour them, so I want to create from a place of abundance, trusting that more ideas will flow as I use the current ones.

That is indeed what is happening. Of course, right now I am creating lots of blog posts, but it maybe that when I have finished the first reading of the draft of my novel that I will spend the time working on that. Or indeed any other ideas that arrive.

So for now, I am writing 1000 words everyday and it is making me a stronger writer and certainly a faster one too. As a result there are a lot of posts happening here for the time being, that may continue, or I may change to focusing on other things, but I have a huge list of ideas and they are coming to me daily!

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  1. Keep on writing your blog posts! They are very good. I always have try writing these number of words in my assignments. In my TMAs, if I go over the word limit, I cut some pieces off. If I do not have enough words, I add things in. I think on Sunday that you should have a break from writing. Good luck on your blogs!

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