If you need help in creating a strategic plan for your organisation, be it marketing, business development or helping you to work better, then I am a strong person to have on your team. It is hard when you are in an organisation day in day out to step back and see the bigger picture and this is where I can help.

You may need a company, or even county wide assessment of where you are, what you are providing to your customers and suggestions for the way forward. I hold a MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, as well as ten years experience in business, three in education and four in the arts and cultural sector.

I can provide one off consultancy, for example leading a brainstorming day, where I will help you to question everything you thought you knew about your organisation. This can then feed into your wider planning and strategy.

I can work on a project basis, for example assessing the current situation and then creating a strategic plan of how to improve the way the organisation currently works. This could be focusing on marketing, or looking at how the organisation as a whole could be improved. This would be a project on a set number of days.

Need ongoing help? I can work on a retainer, or longer project to run or support your marketing, a specific area of your business or business development.

I have worked with Trinity College London for over three years (and counting) to develop and grow the Arts Award Supporter programme. This includes: mailing programmes, regular e-shots, writing and producing videos, developing and delivering workshops, writing and developing a brand new website, ongoing personalised support for Supporters, case studies, resources and working with other associates.

I work to develop a plan and then deliver it or it can be delivered by your existing staff.

For James Rose’s conducting project I provided project evaluation and helped with communications with key stakeholders. More. 

I also offer research, speaking/workshops/teaching and writing services.

I’d love to chat about how I can help your organisation to thrive. Please get in touch.

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