3Cs update – contentment

Like I said in my last post I feel that contentment and compassion are inextricably linked. I think it is impossible to have contentment without compassion and developing compassion leads to contentment. Contentment isn’t the same as happiness. Happiness tends to be in response to something and is easily swayed away from happiness, whereas contentment […]

3Cs update – compassion

At the start of the year I greedily choose 3 words for the year, rather than the traditional one. This partly because I couldn’t decide, but also because these three words – compassion, contentment and creativity – are linked. As we are halfway through the year I though I would take some time to reflect […]

The perfect bag

I have never been very good at shoes. Trying to find shoes has on more than one occasion reduced me to tears. School shoe shopping was especially traumatic. The main reason for this is I have always had very long and extremely narrow feet. Like size 9 and smaller width than a child’s. Add in […]

Master and apprentice

During my Creative + Practice course¬†with Lisa Sonora Beam she shared with us: Ralph Waldo Emerson has some words of wisdom for all of us who are stretching outside of our comfort zone: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.” The whole need to stay with […]