Importance of good business practice for charities

Good business practice is vital for charities. It allows charities to focus on their core aims with a strength that comes from having firm policies; working efficiently; reporting processes; monitoring and staying focused. Funds given for a specific project the money must be used for that and that only, with clear reporting and accountability. When dealing with youth […]

Bullet journal update

I wrote ages ago about how I started to use the Bullet Journal as a way to manage my work. To my surprise I have stuck with it for over eight months now. The reason? Flexibility. Not sure what I am talking about? visit the site or watch the video.   I love the fact that […]

3Cs update – creativity

The last of my 3Cs is creativity. You can find my review of the other two – compassion and contentment. I have always, desperately wanted to be creative and despite doing a BA hons. in Theatre Studies I never considered myself as such. My degree was quite academic, rather than a performing arts piece, although […]