Good business

There was a man standing in my doorway, this always makes me suspicious. He explained that they were starting a milk round in the area and they were looking for enough customers to make it worthwhile. He said they wouldn’t just do milk, but all dairy products, bread and potatoes too. I asked if I… Continue reading Good business

Perfecting your art…or tweet?

I have the immense privilege this week of working with Royal Acdemy of Music students on a project which is making conducting accessible to people with disabilities with James Rose. Part of my role is updating social media in real time, across James’ accounts on Twitter, instagram and Facebook. I asked the musicians during a break… Continue reading Perfecting your art…or tweet?


Hello, I’m Jen Farrant. Consultant | Writer | Photographer. My blog is my space to experiment with thoughts, ideas and photos. Posts tend to fall into broad categories of: Creativity Living well & disability Music Photography Research & writing Strategic & creative thinking.  Scroll down to read the blog as a whole, or click through to read about my work: Consultant | Writer | Photographer |… Continue reading Welcome!

Making conducting accessible to all…

  I’m really proud and excited to be involved as the project evaluator for the James Rose conducting development week at the Royal Academy of Music. This project is focusing on ways of making conducting accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. As you know, I suffer from an often invisible disability which does impact… Continue reading Making conducting accessible to all…

Creative Focus

This is part of my Creative Blocks series Read the first: Get it done methodology Second: Creative planning Third: dealing with the action pile OK, so now we are free to deal with your creative focus, all the day to day crap that is cluttering up your mind and screaming at you everytime you sat down to… Continue reading Creative Focus

Creative planning

This is part of the Creative Blocks series. Read the first: Get it done methodology Trusted system The first thing to do is to make sure you don’t end up in this situation again. You need to create a trusted system: where will you capture everything that comes into your mind? I use a combination… Continue reading Creative planning


It feels like we are not allowed time for composting, daydreaming, idle doodling and staring out the window anymore. That we need to be in full productive mode all the time. I do not believe this at all, I think composting, and all its components are a vital part of a creative life. The process… Continue reading Composting