Fantastic customer service goes a long way

Last weekend my puppy managed to get hold of my glasses and utterly destroy them. The whole of one side was crunched up and the other was severely bent. I am really short sighted and I didn’t have a spare pair of glasses, so I called Vision Express to see if they had an appointment […]

Noye’s Fludde

I am involved in a rather exciting and unusual project this week – Noye’s Fludde with the Southend Boys and Girls Choir. From the Southend Choir site: The Southend Boys’ and Southend Girls’ Choirs have been awarded a significant grant by Arts Council England to help them celebrate the 100th birthday of Benjamin Britten with […]


Early this week I travelled up to West Yorkshire for my client Trinity College London, in my role as an Arts Award Associate (Supporter). I miss Yorkshire (I did my first degree up there) and so I was really pleased to be invited by Cape UK to present at their Arts Award Conference to talk about the […]


Last week, and indeed many weeks running up to it, I was project managing Donkeyskin. This was a really unusual performance. THEATRE IS… and Gateway Learning Community are part of the ACT network, bringing together English and French arts organisations and schools to encourage cultural exchange and exciting new performances. For this project Gateway, Southend […]

Grays Street Festival

There isn’t always a great deal happening culture wise in Thurrock, but July has an explosion of things, including two projects I am working on – Donkeyskin and Noye’s Fluude. Thurrock International Celebration of Culture is the hub of a lot of the work and I am really looking forward to seeing some of performances. […]

Good charities spend on admin

In today’s Guardian I am delighted to see an article stating that Donors should not favour charities that have low administration costs as they are likely to be low performers, new evidence has suggested. As an arts manager I obviously believe that charities should have good administration at their core. I think that a strong set of […]

Enterprise Nation Start up evening

Last week I attended Enterprise Nation’s  Start Up Workshop at my local Ikea. There was a nice mix of people who are about to start up and those who are already running. It was a great event, with lots of ideas and inspiration to keep my brain buzzing for a few days. I have lots of […]

Discover and Explore!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Head Office of the Arts Award doing my Discover and Explore training, along with two primary teachers, a visual artist and two artists from a gallery in Southend. I really do like the mix of people who attend these programmes. This is aimed at a much young age […]

Ebac back down

Well I, like many other educationalists breathed a sigh of relief at the back down on the new eBac. For me, as an arts person, the narrowing of the curriculum and the focus away from the arts was a horrible thing, mainly as it was stifling creativity, by reducing the chances that young people had […]