#oneword365 2017 Luminous

Happy new year! Last year I chose the word ‘contentment’ as my focus for the year, and although I think it was a good word for me I didn’t do any analysis on it beyond thinking of it at the start of the year. So, the process was rather a redundant one. This year it is different.… Continue reading #oneword365 2017 Luminous

October mushroom trip

Some photos from a short trip in October. We were on a mushroom hunting walk, with character of a mycologist (mushroom expert). He rather looked like he was going to turn into a mushroom himself. The pace of the event wasn’t right for me, far too much standing about which I just can’t do, so… Continue reading October mushroom trip

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I love Somerset, in fact most of the south-west. It’s so peaceful; I just have to get down there and I immediately feel more relaxed. A photo round up of our trip, I have to say there was a lot of time spent relaxing and reading, which doesn’t make for great photos! If you hover… Continue reading Somerset

Chalice Well

The peace garden; holding silence, stillness and Sacredness. Heavy with prayer and time. A sense Of being out of step with the world; In another place. The well and its water drawing People in to rest and heal in its tranquility. -Jen Farrant I have been coming to the Chalice Well, and the surrounding area… Continue reading Chalice Well

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Grays Beach 2016

Grays Beach, organised by Metal  I am happy to discuss any photography commissions, portraits, product shots, event coverage, or creating a story about your business. Please get in touch Jen AT JenFarrant DOT com. 


Hello, I’m Jen Farrant. Consultant | Writer | Photographer. My blog is my space to experiment with thoughts, ideas and photos. Posts tend to fall into broad categories of: Creativity Living well & disability Music Photography Research & writing Strategic & creative thinking.  Scroll down to read the blog as a whole, or click through to read about my work: Consultant | Writer | Photographer |… Continue reading Welcome!