Local people at the Orsett show

Last weekend I went to the Orsett show, it was a last minute decision for me and my dog to have a wonder around. I was really surprised when I got there to see lots of the people who I have been working with over the past year. The Royal Opera House, Thurrock had a… Continue reading Local people at the Orsett show

Great London Swim

this weekend was the great London Swim, and I highly enjoyed it, I think the organisation was fantastic and I couldn’t fault it at all! I was really nervous, I haven’t raced much this year due to illness and other things and my husband couldn’t be with me, as he was poorly (although he did… Continue reading Great London Swim

The benefits of a good coach

Simon Freeman posted a blog today entitled ‘A rant about the value of training advice‘, essentially saying that only qualified people should be handing out advice – you can inspire and suggest, but not give specific advice. Where I think the line needs to be drawn, is when people with no real empirically- or academically-derived… Continue reading The benefits of a good coach

Inov-8 update

  So, I didn’t win the grand prize with the Inov-8  8 weeks to natural programme, however I have got so much out of it I really do feel like I have won! We also all got given another pair of Inov-8s and I chose the Bare Grip – 0mm drop, but some serious grip.… Continue reading Inov-8 update