Free studio space in grays

I saw this in a weekly cultural Essex email. I have no knowledge about it, but I thought it was worth sharing Jen ————————– Free studio space – Grays, Thurrock Message from artist Fiona Dent: FREE art studio space for artists and FREE office and storage space for not-for-profit groups: An office block in Grays, […]

Thurrock International Film Festival

Very soon it is the second year of the Thurrock International Film Festival. There is lots going on – here in Thurrock! Unfortunately for me the festival falls in the middle of all of my Shakespeare Schools Festival work, so it is unlikely I will be around for any of them. We are a competitive […]


Last week, and indeed many weeks running up to it, I was project managing Donkeyskin. This was a really unusual performance. THEATRE IS… and Gateway Learning Community are part of the ACT network, bringing together English and French arts organisations and schools to encourage cultural exchange and exciting new performances. For this project Gateway, Southend […]

Grays Street Festival

There isn’t always a great deal happening culture wise in Thurrock, but July has an explosion of things, including two projects I am working on – Donkeyskin and Noye’s Fluude. Thurrock International Celebration of Culture is the hub of a lot of the work and I am really looking forward to seeing some of performances. […]

My response to the Art of Asking

Wow, you have to watch this TED talk – Amanda Palmer and the Art of Asking. I think it is the best  TED talk I have seem and that really is saying something. I don’t want to quote from it, or explain in detail in case you think you then don’t need to watch it. […]

Discover and Explore!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Head Office of the Arts Award doing my Discover and Explore training, along with two primary teachers, a visual artist and two artists from a gallery in Southend. I really do like the mix of people who attend these programmes. This is aimed at a much young age […]


While I was working on the Totally Tilbury project I was really pleased to work with some great artists including Sunanda Biswas, Jody Schroeder, Charlie Morley and Lea Cornthwaite. The lead artist was Rob Castell and I am really excited to say that his group Barbershopera, is playing on BBC 4 for their Christmas eve […]

France for Interreg

*written on Saturday on the train from Amiens to Paris* The past couple of days I have been in Amiens in France for an Interreg project for THEATRE IS… and the GatewayLearning Community. I will leave the explanation of the project to those websites, which will be updated soon, but I just wanted to share […]

Shakespeare Schools Festival

I am delighted that I am going to be working with the Shakespeare Schools Festival in the Autumn 2012 period. I will be working in several venues, including the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend;  the Gordon Craig theatre in Stevenage and the Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hoddestone in Herts. I will be working as a host and a […]