Fear is a block

I like to think of myself as pretty fearless, but really that isn’t true. Fear is stopping me from completing a couple of major projects right now. I have almost finished my Freelancer’s Toolkit book, it just needs a bit of editing. But I am struggling to get on and do it. But why? I […]

Dreaming on Paper

I have been really lucky to be taking part in Lisa Sonora‘s Dreaming on Paper course. Since I did Sketchbook Skool last year I have been really enjoying getting much more creative – I have joined a band , teaching myself the ukulele and am really getting into drawing and music again, as well as creative writing. […]

Sir Terry Pratchett

I was deeply grieved yesterday to hear of Sir Terry Pratchett’s death. His Discworld books have been a comfort and joy to me since I discovered them through a friend and her mum when I was fourteen. I started on The Light Fantastic and if I am honest it was a bit beyond me and […]

The beauty of nice things

I have a stationery fetish, I love really good stationery and sometime last year I discovered the wonderful Bureau Direct . This is possibly fatal for my bank balance. But they have a wonderful range of high quality (not necessarily expensive) stationery and amazing customer service. Their weekly newsletter is something I look forward to each […]

Put the effort in

I have recently written about the internet stealing our future selves over at Fem-tellectual, it is based on Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home UK US While some more passive forms of leisure, such as watching TV or surfing the Internet, are fun in the short term, over time, they don’t offer nearly the same happiness […]

Back from my break

I am back from my break now and I am quite proud that I managed to have a complete break – no work emails, phone calls, blogging. I managed to stay away from Pinterest, Feedly, Instagram and Twitter too. I stayed on Facebook, but I just keep that for friends and family rather than business […]

Grays Street Festival 2014

In July I was responsible for running the Grays Street Festival for 2014 for Thurrock International Celebration of Culture.  I was so proud of the outcome, there were professional and local artists all performing in the high street, on a busy market Saturday. This was free of charge for anyone who was around on that […]

Artistic Family Tree

In his book ‘Steal like an Artist’  UK  US  Austin Kleon recommends creating your artistic family tree. What he means by this is looking at artists you admire you need to study their work and try to understand them and how they work. Then you start to develop your own family tree of where your influences […]

The Arts of Asking Book

I have just finished reading ‘The Art of Asking, How I learned to stop worrying and let people help’,( UK,  US)  Amanda Palmer’s book following her TED talk, which I talk about here. This is not a review of the book, it is a response. There are a lot of reviews of this book, not least […]