Catching up

Well, the 8 weeks to natural transition programme has been going very well for me. I am comfortable doing 12 miles in this style and it only took a few weeks of doing 1-2miles at a time! I am fairly sure that I am keeping the technique up, so I am pleased. However this is all at the long, slow run pace (albeit fast than my normal LSR pace).

Helen has sent us an update focusing on speed and I tried a session, I suspect I went off far too fast and optimistically, as I did one mile at a 9.30 pace (which for me is miraculously fast) and then couldn’t do any more. This is a full minute faster than my normal fast pace, so it was probably a bit much. It didn’t help that there has been a change in the air and it takes my asthma some time to settle down between season changes, so that may also have been a factor.

When I have done my half (which is under two weeks now) I will look at doing some speed sessions at a slightly slower pace! And try to maintain it for a longer period of time. I do want to get faster, I am bored of being in the last section of races, so I really will focus after the half marathon.

As for my Morton’s Foot, well Helen fixed it and the difference for me is amazing. I can walk in a straight line. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but up to now I have been incapable of walking in a straight line, my friends all know that I wobble about and my husband is always complaining that I am pushing him over.

I also feel a lot stabler now that my foot is landing correctly. I now need to put the tape in all of my shoes so that I don’t just experience this in my Inov-8s.

It really has made a big difference, not wobbling about all over the place and it feels like my ankle isn’t flopping around as much as normal, mainly because my foot is taking  a bit plant in the ground and not moving on from there.

Remember, you can vote for me here which puts me forward to winning the competition and you can win a pair of Inov-8s yourself and you can sponsor me here for fundraising for Diabetes UK in my first ever half marathon.

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