Candles and Coffee

Over the Christmas holidays I made a couple of discoveries that I wanted to share with you.

I used to love incense sticks, but I find them too overpowering these days and the smoke is a bit too much. Not to mention it makes the whole house smell and the computers suck in the smoke to their innards, which isn’t that good for them. While mooching around on Instagram I found The Bearded Candlemakers. When I saw one of their candles was called a Burren Susurrus I had to buy it. I first saw the word susurrus in The Wee Free Men* by Sir Terry Pratchett and I do love the word! They confirmed via Instagram that’s the reason why they used it too! Their candles are lovely, the scent is delicate and natural (none of that sickly sweet fake smell here) and lingers after it’s extinguished too.


They have now become part of my creative practice ritual and I love them. Just to point out this isn’t even an affiliate link, I just really love them, and the fact that they are UK based and made in tiny batches of just ten!

Like coffee? Well I love my delivery of freshly ground coffee. It changes each month and always includes the story of the farmers. It is really good quality coffee and each one has a distinct flavour. I only started drinking coffee again for the first time in about seven years during NaNoWriMo and I have discovered I really love excellent coffee, no instant here! You can get a pack for £1 (and I do too).*

As much as I love this coffee I have realised that I can only have one cup a day as I find that it makes my heart race and I can feel anxiety starting to rise.

Both these candles and the coffee help to create an importance, a designated special time for my creative practice in the morning. On the days when I don’t have coffee I have a nice herbal loose leaf tea in a teapot. On my non client days I will often keep the candle burning for a few more hours, extending that sense of creative space.

Things marked with an * are affiliate links

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  1. Small rituals truly do make whatever we do more satisfying. I do not like house cleaning, as it intrudes on my arts time. So, I light my favorite incense, sage and mint, play some music or an audio book and whilst I still dislike the whole cleaning thing, it does get done.

    I like snow shoveling for the same reason. Quiet time alone, fresh air and the meditation of pushing snow around. I am old now and take my time. Other folk do not understand how satisfying this task is, and I used to clear the driveways of neighbors before I moved.

  2. they are aren’t they. I believe in buying small, inexpensive treats for ourselves, it is so much the better that they are consumables and so don’t take up space in the long term!

  3. Small rituals make a lot of things more bearable!

    I hate hoovering, it is loud and intrusive, but I love to sweep, I find it meditative, calming and deeply satisfying! They are doing the same thing, but in a totally different way – I guess it is the same with your snow shovelling!

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