Camp NaNoWriMo update

Well, we are halfway through the Camp NaNoWriMo (my original post) and it is all getting a bit much to be honest. I started off really well a and kept hitting my day to day targets, but now it is starting to get to me and I am slowing down.

I think this is completely natural from what my Camp mates are saying and what it says in the No Plot, No Problem! book. So, I am not using this as a reason to give up, but a reason to keep going! Also, I have told EVERYONE I am writing a novel so I have to do it!

It is quite intense writing a novel in a month, but there is a certain aspect of this that is quite freeing. I am definitely a perfectionist and that was stopping me from writing a novel. Now I can just tell myself that the whole idea is utterly absurd and so of course what I am going to write is going to be rubbish!

I don’t need to get hung up on perfection – very freeing.

What I am greatly enjoying is having writing dates with my husband. The last two weekends we have gone to Costas, had a coffee (which I have just started drinking again after 8 years of not) and then written for a couple of hours. Somehow this has allowed me to catch up if I have gotten behind from my target during the week.

He is working on his own project (not nanowrimo) and it is nice to be writing with someone, even when they are completely different. Hard sci-fi vs fantasy. He has also helped me when I have gotten stuck, both in terms of general writing, but also in terms of a plot problem. So that’s really great.

We have also tried to do them during the week, but he works 9-5 and then by the time we have had dinner and walked Buster it is too much for me to then start writing. My brain functions best in the morning. So weekends it is.

And of course I have absolutely not written this blog post as procrastination during my NaNoWriMo time, no, no, no, absolutely not. At all.

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