Busyness is toxic

I wrote about ‘how is your heart’ a couple of months ago, the idea that we should enquire after people’s true wellbeing when we meet with them, rather than asking ‘how are you’ and the standard response being ‘good, busy’. And that being expected.

I like not being so busy these days. I really focus my hobbies outside of work, to music, writing and illustrating. I’m not allowed to start heading over to other hobbies as I get interested in them. I swim, have a home yoga practice and walk to stay fit, and when my husband’s shoulder has healed we will go back to archery together. But my passions are music, writing and illustrating.

Heart drawn in colouring pencil with the words "busyness is toxic, it leaves no room for kindness"

By constantly rushing around everywhere we don’t have time for reflection, our friends and family. I used to be so busy I couldn’t see my friends, but now I have time to see them when I am well.

I am very careful about how much work I take on, and don’t apply for things unless I feel like they really fit me. That means I don’t apply for work that looks like it is going to be stressful (event management especially), or it doesn’t have a clear and well defined brief. I’ve learnt from experience that a poor brief generally means a bad project.

Having time to reflect, ponder, daydream and just do nothing is vital to wellbeing and it is just something we do not do anymore. Our phones are always there to distract us if we do have any spare moments. We don’t just while away the time in idleness and gentle thought, maybe with some doodling or jottings to accompany our thoughts. This constant busyness builds toxicity into our lives.

I do wonder what our phones are doing to us, along with being ‘always on’ and always busy. Is there a part of our brain which is now over stimulated and another which is under used? Always being busy means there is no space for kindness and compassion. Vital to good relationships with those around us, busyness leads to toxicity in the space around us, including our interactions with people.

Are you able to build time into your day for reflection and day dreaming? And are kindness and compassion running through the day, or do they get lost in the toxic mire of busyness?

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  1. I agree that being too busy is not good for you in general. It can lead to stress and your body could get run down. It is good to sometimes daydream and reflect about things.

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