Bullet journal update

I wrote ages ago about how I started to use the Bullet Journal as a way to manage my work. To my surprise I have stuck with it for over eight months now. The reason?


Not sure what I am talking about? visit the site or watch the video.


I love the fact that I can make it be what I want it to be, todo list, planner goals, blog scheduling, weekly overview, monthly overview, notes, scribbles, holiday lists etc. And then everything is in one place.

I do use Evernote an awful lot still, but I like to have things on paper, not least because I like to have time away from the computer and also there is something so damn satistfying about using coloured pens and seeing it all laid out on paper. Not to mention crossing things off the to-do list. Ticking a box on the computer just does not have the same level of satisfaction it has to be said.

It really helps with pacing, by using a weekly layout on one single page  stops me from cramming too much in. Having a to-do list per page per day is a recipe for me doing far too much!

Each month I draw out grid line calendars so I can see what I am doing at a glance and then make sure I haven’t got too much one at any one point. This is a vital part of pacing, along with not cramming too much in at any one point. I consider pacing to be one of the main management tools of my EDS and the bullet journal (and a A6 week per single page PAPER diary) really helps to back this up.  I also track energy, mood and activity in a double page spread. Again, this helps with pacing.

I have a blog page too, so that I can plan what I am going to post and when, since I started using this I have been much more regular in my writing.

At one stage I also drew out a matrix with every single habit I wanted to do each day, but it got far too detailed and complicated that I stopped doing it. I think that is really helpful when you are trying to establish a habit, but mine are pretty established.

For me, the bullet journal is simplicity in action, you need one notebook and one pen. That’s it, you don’t need endless supplies of paper, different notebooks or paper types for different things or anything else. It is all there in one place. I do have a tendency to get a bit carried away with over complicating things, at one point I had multiple notebooks doing different things, with many different colour coding and everything else. It all got a bit much! But if I do want to add something in to the bullet journal, it is really easy to do so.

My bullet journal is not a beautiful work of art, like  you see on Instagram with beautiful washi tape, stickers, caligraphy handwriting etc. Nope, it is a hard working notebook, with scribbles, random notes, crossings out and other daily jottings. But it does mean that I don’t spend hours creating it, but I do get on and use it without thinking about how pretty it is. Functionality over form!

I backed the Kickstarter for Bullet Journal and although I wanted the special edition Leuchtturm1917 (my notebook of choice) the postage from America was high for some notebooks. I will keep an eye out and see if they are released in the UK, the three bookmarking ribbons are ace and would be most useful. In the mean time I make do with sticky arrow post its. I am looking forward to the new information and ideas being released about it on the site soon.

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