Doing new things – stepping outside of my comfort zone – by taking part in Sketchbook School has suddenly opened me up to being creatively very brave.

I have created a Flickr account in my name (rather than being hidden under a pseudmun) and I am uploading regularly.

I have submitted a Haiku to a writing magazine for publication.

I have followed up with someone for a commisioned article.

I have applied for a free place on a writing retreat, which feels like the biggest step of them all, I created a very professional looking 18 page application document including a covering letter, examples of writing and my CV. I invested a huge amount of time into this and even sharing this here feels brave and exciting.

All of which are brave creative steps and I attribute it to taking part in something which is stretching me creatively.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone pushes us to think in new ways and challenges us outside of what we are doing trundling along in our normal rut.

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