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I am part way through a ‘blogging from the heart’ course with Susannah Conway. The aim of this course is to:

This 6-week course is all about creative personal blogging. I’ll teach you how to share your life and heart online as a way to express yourself creatively, dive deep and meet like-minded friends along the way. There’ll be lots of blog post ideas as well as interviews with creatives who inspire me…Crafting a blog that truly reflects who you are is about being honest and open, enjoying the writing process, recording your world with your camera and getting your creative juices flowing!

The reason I am doing this course is that I want to bring more of myself to this blog and I wanted encouragement and guidance to do that. In the past this blog has been quite business orientated, but as I want writing to become a greater part of the work that I do I want to write more under my name. For the past 5 years I have had another blog where I write about more personal things, but I have decided the time is to bring them together.

Now I very much doubt I will be writing about the ins and outs of my relationships here, but I will be writing about my spirituality, wellbeing and health, especially with regards to the new changes that I face from being in a wheelchair!

I am hoping this course will help me to be more confident in talking about a range of issues here and not write separately on a another blog, as if I have to hide part of myself away. I no longer want to do that. The original motivation was when I worked in business and then as a teacher I didn’t want my students to have access to lots of information about me. That is no longer a concern and so I can write openly here.

I hope to be able to pluck up the courage to share my creative work of photography and drawing here too, as well as linking to my writing pieces elsewhere on the internet!

Like I said, don’t worry that this will become a torrent of emotional writing, but there will be the occasional piece. And while I am sharing, I am also on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, so it would be great if you follow me there too.

Susannah’s great first book This I know, notes on unravelling the heart UK, US is fantastic and a really great example of emotional writing.

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  1. Congratulations, Jen! It takes great courage to bring more of ourselves to the table. As a reader (and consumer) I can tell you that, more and more, it’s the ‘person’ behind the business that I want to get to know. Resonance matters.

  2. Well done Jen! Congrats for stepping up and showing how courageous and brave you are. Being vulnerable and deciding to share that side of us is such a gift. I connect much better to people who tell it as it is. Looking forward to reading about your amazing journey. 😉

  3. Congrats Jen! I took the course for much the same reason. I wanted to stop fragmenting myself between business / the rest of me. So I’m right there with you. Way to go in getting started!

  4. It’s difficult isn’t it, I think we are told as we grow up that we need to keep ourselves separate, but I no longer want to do this and I am glad there is someone else on the course who is doing it for the same reason as I am

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