Being outdoors

Getting outdoors!Being outdoors is vital to me, I genuinely think I wouldn’t be as well as I would if I didn’t get outdoors. It’s kept me moving and walking on a daily basis, even when I am struggling with my health. I may have to use a wheelchair in town and on hard surfaces, but outdoors, on soft ground I can walk fairly well. And that is oh, so important to me.

Being outdoors heals me, feeds me and allows my brain time to decompress, compost and develop new creative ideas.

Get outdoors

Looking for the small, beautiful things each and every day makes me happy and gives me vast amounts of joy. Searching for the small things means I am rooted in the here and now, rather than letting my mind run away all the things I MUST do, or how my life SHOULD be happening.

The outdoors is such a blessing for us all, I love it.



This blog post is an entry for the ‘take me outdoors with the #cscollective’ competition for @canopyandstars

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  1. I love going outside too for fresh air, especially going out for walks. A breath of fresh air makes me better, because I brood less about things and it relaxes me more. Looking at nature such as ducks, geese, swans, trees, flowers, pigeons, and any other type of animal always brings me joy. Going out for walks is always good for your health. I do not even like staying in the house all the time. I tend to get more tense and brood about things. Going outside and having fresh air is a wonderful activity to do!

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