Back from my break

I am back from my break now and I am quite proud that I managed to have a complete break – no work emails, phone calls, blogging. I managed to stay away from Pinterest, Feedly, Instagram and Twitter too. I stayed on Facebook, but I just keep that for friends and family rather than business purposes.

I want to tell you that I am going to be launching my Toolkit for Freelancers soon, this is a continuation of the blog series that I ran here last year. I want to make it public so that I have incentives for doing so! I wanted to self host it here, but the new tax law changes have put a stop to that.

I will see what other people do about the tax laws, but I may end up self publishing on Amazon, although this really would not be my first choice at all!

There will also be more of a focus on here on the difficulties I am facing around being newly disabled – including the fight to get my wheelchair. This will be the first of these posts and it is a whopper, so much so that I am going to split it up in to several posts as it really is quite long.

Lastly, there is often a focus on a word of a year within the blogging community. I haven’t decided on one, but at the end of last year I wanted to shift my focus to my 3Cs – compassion, creativity and contentment. I will blog more about this at a later date, but a major part of this is wanting to be happy with what I have, rather than stretching after what I don’t have. This is even more important now that I have a chronic illness to be dealing with!

I hope you all managed to get a good break over the holiday period.

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