Arts in Thurrock Schools

Friday is the national celebration of Benjamin Brittin’s Friday Afternoons music, and 100,000 young people will be singing his work across the world.

Prior to my work on Noyes Fludde I hadn’t heard about Britten, I think I am the wrong generation. However, as is the way of things I am involved in the Friday afternoon project through Thurrock Music Services.

They have contracted me to go out to the local schools in Thurrock and to support them in delivering Arts Award alongside the Friday Afternoon work.

Up until now I haven’t been into many schools in the area, in fact, only three. I have now been into quite a few of them.

It has been an absolute pleasure. We hear so much of how arts are being decimated in our schools, that as it is being taken off of the curriculum and that young people are not being involved with the arts.

I have been delighted to hear about all of the different projects happening in Thurrock and all of the young people who are obviously enjoying being involved in the arts.

I am greatly looking forward to the performances on Friday Afternoon, so I can see the result of the hard work of the young people, their teachers, the visiting artists and Thurrock Music Services.

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