Arts Award Supporter Film

I have produced a film for Arts Award Supporter!

I am so proud of it, it is the first time that I have been involved with doing any film work and I was lucky to be able to contract an amazing film maker, Sasha Hoare who was happy to work with me.

I wrote the beginning and intro script for the film and the questions and the guidelines for all of the interviewees, as well as creating the overall vision for the film.

Arts Award Supporter is for any arts or cultural organsisation or freelancer who run arts and cultural activities that young people can take part in.  It is part of Arts Award and I have been working with them since January 2013 as an Arts Award Associate.

I run the PR for Supporter, and this is PR in the wider sense of public relations, rather than just media relations (which I have to admit I utterly hate). I develop the yearly plans; manage budgets; reporting; write case studies; research what Supporters needed to help then and then make them  (such as a start up kit); developed and deliver a workshop around this, specifically tailored to the programme. I develop and deliver direct mail campaigns; provide Skype and telephone consultation for people to develop their Supporter offer, write and distribute enewsletters and so much more. I work closely with the Sector Support Team and other Arts Award Associates to ensure everything stays on brand and message, as well as in line with the wider strategic plans.

I also worked very closely with a web development company to create the new website – brainstorming how it would work, writing the copy, testing it extensively and generally making sure it met the needs of the Supporter.

My work with Arts Award Supporter is an excellent example of my strapline in practice – it is creative, strategic thinking and do-ing as well. I am so lucky to be part of a great team at Arts Award and am so proud to work on the programme.

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