#AprilLove2016 Dear Shadows


Too many shadows crowding
Out my life – remnants of
Past mistakes, poor choices.
Shadows casting misery over
My life for too long.

Stepped into the light, a
Strong bright light, burning
Away all the darkness
Leaving me cleansed and healed.
Fleeing from shadows no more.

This is part of the April Love Letters project.

Published by Jen Farrant

Consultant | Writer | Photographer

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  1. I love to avoid bad shadows too. If I made a mistake in my life, I much rather that people did not discuss to me about it and asked me why did I do it. Sometimes, I say to a person that it was a long time ago, but to them it was not that long ago. Sometimes, I try to ease bad shadows out of my mind. Other times, they can come back.

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