#AprilLove2016 Dear morning…

Dear Morning

Oh! How I love you mornings. Quite frankly you just aren’t long enough for me, there is so much that I want to cram into this sacred time that I want to get up earlier and earlier. I try not to cram and not to get up even earlier, as I think you will lose your sacredness if I do that.

Regardless of how busy my day is I try to do the following:morning

30 minutes of yoga
20 minutes of meditation
let the dog out for a quick wee & make some coffee
1 hour on my creative project

So, yes my morning routine stretches about two or so hours. I realise that’s a lot of time, but if I don’t have it, then I’m not going to have a good day. I also get up between 5.30 and 6am.


On my client working days, after the hour on a creative project I do an hour or maybe more of client work before taking the dog for his short morning walk. On my non client days I will take Buster for a long walk and I love those quiet morning walks, when there are very few people up and about. I love the morning light, so wonderful for taking photographs, and the air seems to be so much cleaner first thing. Important as I live in an industrial suburb.

My creative project? Well that varies each day, between ‘studying’ and writing. Right now my writing is just blogging, hence the flurry of blog posts, the studying is primarily focused on music theory, but that also alternates with a book that I want to take notes on. Sometimes I work on other writing projects, such as NaNo last year or my creative freelancer book.

I don’t switch on my work phone or any email, social media etc until 10am at the earliest. This means I am able to focus on me and big work. The client work thIMG_3225at gets done at this time tends to be big projects that require thought, or writing. If I get into a groove I keep on going, but Buster makes sure I take regular rests.

I love my morning time so very, very much. It is the time when I am able to set myself up for the day.

The yoga helps to keep me fit and strong. I wake up very stiff and sore, so this helps me to get moving. Meditation helps calm and focus my mint. My journalling gives me space to check in, as well as to develop creative ideas. And as for the hour of creative work, each day – it signals to myself and to my creative ideas that my creativity is important. It comes before client work, it is valued each and every day. It is so easy for our creative work to take a back seat to everyone else’s demands, but this way it is done each and every day. Oh and the coffee? It’s good coffee!

Dear morning, without you and the routine I do every day I think I might go mad, fall into depression or let the anxiety overwhelm me. I would be stiff and unable to work and my creative projects wouldn’t get done. Where would I be with out you?

Love, Jen

This is contributing towards the April Love 2016 project.


  1. I love to have my room cleaned and laundry done in the morning. I always practice my singing in the morning, because I prefer to do my homework in the afternoon, since I can spend all morning thinking what I want to write in my discussion questions, online tutorials, and my TMAs. I seem to need more spacious time to think. That is one of the reasons that I always go for a walk every morning, because walking in the clear open air helps me think better what I am going to write.

  2. Going for walks in the park, even if there is snow and ice in the winter time, helps me to relax more and think about nice things. I love looking at the cute little ducklings, goslings, and cygnets when I walk in the park in the spring and summer times. Are there any tiny little ducklings, goslings, and cygnets right now in England?

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