#AprilLove2016 Dear home…

Dear Home

Aside from one place when I was growing up this is the longest time I have ever spent anywhere. In any town, let alone house.

And you truly have become my home, my husband and my dog are here – and they are what makes home for me.



Are there things I would change? Oh yes, for starters, my ideal home would have a lot less stuff in it, but my darling likes lots of things around him.

I hate the town too.

The point is, this is where I can just be me. I can heal here, rest here and create too.

I love recognising my neighbours and nodding, smiling and waving at them as we pass each other. Calling good morning as I walk Buster.

I love walking in and knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything for the rest of the day, I can kick off my shoes and curl up on the sofa with my two boys. No-one expects anything from me, aside from love and affection. That I can manage.

I love the quilts piled on the bed and the sofa, made by either me (in my craftier times) or my mum, creating a cosy cocoon of warmth.

I love knowing where to go for yoga; a good massage; the swimming pool up the road; local friends; going to my band; my flute teacher; knowing great places to walk Buster; a trustworthy mechanic – worth his weight in gold. Still trying to find a good handyman though.

I love curling up in a comfy spot with tea and a good book.

This is the first time in my adult life that I have had this, a settled sense of groundedness, a chance to put down some roots.

I love you home. I love my home with my two favourite boys.

Love, Jen

This is contributing towards the April Love 2016 project.

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  1. Being at home with my two cats, sitting on my bed studying, watching my favorite T.V. programs and listening to music are very much home to me. Going for a walk every morning in the park is very much home to me too, because I have a park right close to my house. Home is where you want home to be.

  2. I do not even drive at all. I have walked very long distances from my house anyway. If I find that a place is too far for me to walk, I either take a taxi or a bus. If it is in the evening, I definitely take a taxi, because I do not want to walk alone at night in the dark. Walking is suppose to be good for you. It is better than running.

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