#aprillove2016 Dear future self




dear future self


Dear future self

I hope that you are still self employed and that you continue to find ways to make it suit you and the life you want to live.

I hope you carry on with your creative practice and you are gaining mastery in your chosen fields.

I hope you continue to trust yourself, that you are able to open up to your intuition more than you currently do.

I hope you feel more like you are coming into your self, who you really are with every month that passes.

More than anything I hope that you are still as contented as you are now and that continues to be the thing that you measure yourself by.

Love, Jen….

And the text from today’s poem…

So far away and yet here tomorrow, today.
Creeping up on us, or startling us at the
Pace and ferocity it arrives, demanding
Attention and bringing with it the inevitable and the surprising.

The only way to survive is to be like the
Willow, with deep roots, but flexible enough to
Sway, bend and flex with the storms, the droughts
And the everyday messiness of living.

We can’t let any thing break or rot us,
We have to adapt and move with the
Tide of time, which flows onwards
Regardless of our views on the matter.

This is part of the April Love Letters project.

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  1. Sometimes, we have to forget about bad things that happened in the past and think about our present and future. I hope that I have a nice future ahead of me and nothing bad will happen to me.

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