#AprilLove2016 Dear books…

Dear books…


You have been my refuge and my friends for so many years. There are some of you I have read so many times I hardly need to pick up the book in the first place, the Discworld springs to mind as a particularly good example.

I love travelling through you, getting lost in you and finding out about so many different things through you. I always have a book with me to read. When I first started driving I didn’t know my way anywhere as I had always had my nose stuck in a book up to that point.

I take full advantage of technology and love having my Kindle which means I have a stack of books with me at all times, especially as you can be on my phone too, although I don’t like reading on that so much.

I love audiobooks too, there is something completely decadent about having a favourite book read to me. When I was especially sick I took great pleasure in downloading my favourite childhood books and listening to them when I was too exhausted to physically read.

The library continues to be a place of great delight – I can’t afford to buy all the books I read, so the library is vital to me. We have an amazing service which quickly gets books in as they are requested. I will fight to keep the library open and we all need to.

I love the times I curl up with a book and get lost in you. I love the times I sit with paper and pen, taking notes, frowning with lack of understanding and then lighting up when I get it.

When I was doing my MA I was sat in the Uni library, or the British Library with a pile of books, studying away. I think I was the happiest I had ever been. I would do MA after MA, so that I could have a place to share books and discuss them with people. Alas, money and time prevent this.

I am always seeking understanding, more so than knowledge. I honestly don’t know how I would live without you. You are such a vital part of my life.

love, Jen

This is contributing towards the April Love 2016 project.


  1. Since I started my MA in Classical Studies, I purchased books associated with my degree in IBooks in my IPad. I even went to Amazon and you can look inside. I saved many journal articles and ebooks in my Word Document under file, because I find that they are useful for me, since I love to see whether there is relevant information that I can use to write my TMAs and EMA. Did you complete your MA and graduate with this degree? What did you do your dissertation on? In my opinion, reading books make you cleverer, because you accumulate more knowledge and facts than you did before.

  2. My MA was done at Goldsmiths Uni rather than through the OU and yes I graduated. MY MA was on the link between arts and culture and the UKs economy and education policy

  3. Did you ever taken any courses at the OU or did your Bachelor degree there? When you did your MA at Goldsmiths University, did you do it through Distance Learning or did you go to campus?

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