An open letter to Mr Gove

I don’t normally do posts which are a complete reference to another post, but I just couldn’t resist in this case. You have to read this open letter to Mr Gove from the Uphill Struggle.

As a teacher she talks passionately about teaching and the difficulties teachers face. I’m an ex teacher and I completely agree with this article. My closest friend is a teacher and I never get to see her until holidays and then she is busy catching up with her life which she has completely abandoned during the term time.

I would like to quote the entire post, but that wouldn’t be fair – I think this quote will make you read the rest of the post and you have to if you care about education

So I say to you, with impassioned tears streaming down my cheeks, at the end of yet another exhausting week, with a day of planning and marking looming ahead: stop bullying us. Stop trying to paint us all as work-shy, lazy good-for-nothings. Stop trying to insinuate that we are all incompetent. Stop attacking the teaching profession.

I haven’t read any other post of the Uphill Struggle, so I can’t say anything else about her site, politics, method of teaching or anything else. But I had to share this. Please read her post and then share it with your followers too – hopefully she will get a big readership and can then take it direct to Gove.

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