I use affiliate links in my blog posts, but I always write This post contains affiliate links at the bottom of the post so it is really clear.

The important thing to know is that I don’t link to anything unless I really believe in it. I use the product/service myself. I would link to it even if I didn’t get any money for it.

The reason that I use affiliate links is that I am building a business with as many diverse income streams as possible and affiliate links are one way to do this.

Sometimes affiliate links are free services for me, rather than actual cash.

I use affiliate links with integrity, nothing that doesn’t fit here!

To be clear, here are my current affiliate links:

Dropboxpost with more information

Evernote – post with more information

Backblaze – cloud back up

Moo – business cards, stickers, postcards and more!

Lisa Sonora – Dreaming on Paper, how I created my soul book 

Project 333 – how to live with fewer clothes

Also, my bookshelf is Amazon affiliate links.

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