This page is for the ADPA students of Stagecoach.

Thank you for popping along to see my site.   I have put the presentation on this page, as well as the reading I suggested. If this has fired your imagination then please do take the time to do some further reading.

You can download my presentation The importance of creativity & Professor Ken Robinson

The recommended reading I pointed out to you is here. Where possible I have linked to free downloads, on one occasion there is a  (non affiliate) link to the Amazon listing. Remember your library! When I was doing my MA and my teaching qualification I managed to get a great deal of my books from the public library for free and often without the wait that my university library had!

Ken Robinson – All our futures – free download- his website

Edward De Bono – Six Thinking hats – his website, the book  

Nesta – a Manifesto for the Creative Economy  free download

Cultural Learning Alliance – ImagineNation: the case for Cultural Education– free download

Other things you might like to look at for interesting reads are




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