A big decision about the Brighton marathon

The week before lasts long run didn’t happen as I was feeling very under the weather (left over from mild food poisoning), this week’s didn’t happen as I dropped out a 5.5 miles as I was just so damn cold, tired and my hip which likes to dislocate was feeling rather odd.

I have not been doing well on my training, I missed the first month due to a fall. Then, when I was over that I got training again, and then I got a bit of food poisoning (on top of the salmonella I had in October last year).

I have not been doing well in training – feeling very battered a lot of the time.

If I got loads of sponsorship and then was unable to complete it, I would be utterly devastated.

As such, after a lot of thought and advice from the Fetchies  I have decided to drop our of the Brighton marathon. This has been a big decision for me and I have to admit to a little cry when I had decided, but then I felt a massive sense of relief, a really big, huge sense of relief.

So, I think it is the right decision. I am hoping my husband can get the money back from the deposit for the hotel, I am sure they will be able to fill the space, and that he gets his sponsorship back from Virgin – as I am not running the race they must give him the money back – right?

For me to be able to make this decision is a big thing, in the past I would have carried on regardless, flogged my body, beaten myself up for being weak and generally making life hard for myself. I am feeling quite proud that I have thought about something and realised that it is not the best thing for me and my health.

I am not stopping everything, of course, I am just cutting down on the really long runs, focusing on building up to sprint traithlons, a 5k swimathon and maybe some bike rides, as well as nice trail 10Ks. I am not letting myself enter any running races longer than 10K this year. I am also going to book races later so that I don’t have to cancel due to ill health, work or officiating at someone’s wedding. All of which has happened so far this year!

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