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I follow Women’s Running on Twitter and they asked the question:

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Would you dump your partner because they didn’t like running?

To which I responded:

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I thought this was a dreadful question, so I responded! This isn’t my full response, what I actually said was:

No! My husband doesn’t run, but is so supportive of me in my running. He encourages me to run when I don’t really want to, encourages me to rest when I want to keep going and comes to all of my races with me. Often standing around in the cold waiting for me to come in near the back of the pack!When I did the Notorious Night run and ended up with a nasty blister which was covered in gunk due to having run through boggy ponds he cleaned it out for me when I just couldn’t reach over and do it myself as I was so sore and exhausted. What makes that even more remarkable is that my husband is really foot phobic, he hates them so much! So this was a real act of love for him.

So, I married someone who doesn’t run and I love him nonetheless.

You can see why they edited it – it was a bit long. Still I was rather pleased! And so was my wonderful husband.
If you want to follow me on Twitter I am @jenfarrant – I tweet about exercise, the arts and randomness!
I will be easing back into running with a gentle jog today, and then heading on out to the Crown 2 Crown 5K race tomorrow. I think I can stretch to the 5K entry fee!

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