7 x 24 = 168

7 days a week
24 hours a day
168 hours in a week

On my war-board which sits behind and to the left of my desk, the centre currently reads


It’s there to remind me, every single moment I glance up and to the left (which is where I tend to look when I am thinking) that we all have 168 hours in a week.

What am I going to do in that time?

1) There is only 168 hours in a week – I honestly can’t do everything that I want to do right now, what is my priority?
2) Is scrolling through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram AGAIN going to make my life what I want it to be?
3) am I focusing on what is scheduled in my calendar – working towards my long term aims?

This year I didn’t set myself goals to achieve, last year I had an extensive list. This year I have long term aims – the direction I want my life to be heading, along with monthly goals and daily Most Important Tasks, which get scheduled into my calendar hour by hour.

Working like this makes me feel good and my most important work gets done too.

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