Between the tides festival

Through the magic of social media, I found out about the ‘Between The Tides’ swim-lit festival happening in Whitstable. It was a swimming literary festival, I had to go!  This festival helped me to put into words what I have been feeling about swimming for a while now and why I have made it a… Continue reading Between the tides festival

40 swims for 40 years

I turned 40 mid June this year. I am very much seeing it as a cause for celebration, and my friends and family, especially my husband, have helped me a great deal in that.  Recently I have been getting into open water swimming, I have always loved swimming and it has been instrumental to me… Continue reading 40 swims for 40 years


About six months ago I started to code. Or, more to the point, code again. I learnt to build websites over 15 years ago, well before WordPress or even any ‘what you see is what you get’ editors, it was in raw HTML code. I stopped when changed jobs and I no longer needed to… Continue reading Returning

Having your own space

I am one of the few consultants in my field (arts & culture/not for profit), who has their own website. I have love affairs with social media and then stop. I invest lots of time Tweeting and sharing links. I post lots of photos. And then stop.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts about Instagram,… Continue reading Having your own space


7 x 24 = 168 7 days a week 24 hours a day 168 hours in a week On my war-board which sits behind and to the left of my desk, the centre currently reads 168 ? It’s there to remind me, every single moment I glance up and to the left (which is where… Continue reading 168

Amanda Palmer makes me deeply uncomfortable

Amanda Palmer is a musician, writer and all round artist. Her relationship with her fans is legendary and intimate- she will sofa surf at her fan’s place and she was one of the first artists to fund an album via Kickstarter. Just do a quick Google search to see how contentious she is – she… Continue reading Amanda Palmer makes me deeply uncomfortable

A day with Nigel Hess

This weekend I was privileged to take part in a rehearsal day with the international composer and director Nigel Hess. My concert band does these sessions every couple of years, we then go on to perform the composer’s pieces in a special concert later in the year. I can’t remember the last time I had… Continue reading A day with Nigel Hess

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